Featured Scientists



Every week, we’re feature scientists from the UMN community. We invite scientists to share their research, interesting facts, fun activities, and answer questions from the community! You can take a look at past content below.

Cara Santelli | EES Dept. and BTI

Viviana Londoño-Lemos | Powers Lab and PMB Dept.

Cathleen Torres Parisian | Polar Geospatial Center and EES Dept.

Kelsey Peterson | Plant and Microbial Biology Dept.

Austin Yantes | Montgomery Lab and Forest Resources Dept.

Ya Yang | Plant and Microbial Biology Dept.

Carlos Sanchez | Soybean Physiology and Management Lab, AGRO Dept.

Emily Kolbe | Woody Plant Lab, APS Dept.

Laura Toro-Gonzalez | Powers Lab, PMB Dept.

Naven Narayanan | Dr. Allison Shaw, EEB Dept.

Joe Rabaey | Cotner Lab, EEB Dept.

Maggie Anderson | Isbell Lab, EEB Dept.

Growing Brains Lab Group | Institute of Child Development

Claire Milsted | Plant & Microbial Biology

Annika Gehl | Biology

John Benning | City Backyard Science

Jill Ekar | Plant Evolution & Genetics

Daniel Stanton | Plant-environment interactions

Dr. Elaine Evans and Michelle Boone | Bee Lab

Dr. Katrina Freund Saxhaug | Phenology

The Fringe Lab | Geomicrobiology

Lucy Schroeder | Plant Biodiversity

Abby Guthmann | African Mammal Ecology

Mounica Kota | Animal Communication